We are back! #BackToBusiness

It's good to be back!

After the government announced the re-opening of gyms, Trampoline Guru have started up & we can't wait to work with everyone again! If you have sessions or consultancy booked in with us that we couldn't fulfil because of lock down, please drop us an email and we will get you booked back in as a priority. We are also opening up for new clients & are looking forward to welcoming you to Trampoline Guru

We are now available for all our great services, these include:

Private sessions - Perfect for all abilities; if you are new to trampolining or you are looking to get back into it after lockdown, these sessions are perfect for you. We are also specialists when it comes to working with children and adults with a range of disabilities.

Confidence Loss Sessions - These sessions are aimed at gymnasts or general athletes who have been experiencing confidence loss with existing skills, learning new skills or general performance confidence. We are very experienced in this field & have helped countless athletes including internationally renowned gymnasts.

Club/Coach Consultancy - If you are looking to get that edge or get a solid return to training plan for your club or individual athletes, this is the service for you! We have dates available for day/weekend visits with great discounts available & we also are offering these services online through our website. We provide bespoke, one-day and a monthly packages, these packages are individualised to suit you and your needs and can include coaching, coach education, club management, workshops/presentations, assessment of technical and physical programme and many more.

Hope to see you soon,

Aaron Sheehan MSc

Founder, Coach & Consultant, Trampoline Guru

'Confident, Competent & Competitive Coaches & Gymnasts'

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